C2 Solutions Partners with HealthJoy

12/22/20 — C2 Solutions today announces a partnership with HealthJoy to help clients maximize the value of their benefits package, reclaim their HR team’s time so they can focus on strategy over administrative tasks, and help their employees achieve better healthcare outcomes.  HealthJoy is a first-of-its-kind mobile app that provides employees a personalized benefits wallet with their health insurance plan, as well as HSA accounts, dental, and other benefits. The app also provides employees on-demand access to online medical consultations, live healthcare concierges, prescription savings, and more to help keep them happy and healthy while lowering their healthcare spending.

“Between rising healthcare costs and increasing industry complexity, 2020 has shown clients need a technology platform that can simplify the benefits experience and help employees make better healthcare decisions,” said Kristen Boyd, C2 Executive Director. “Our partnership with HealthJoy is a testament to where the industry is heading and we look forward to keeping our clients ahead of the marketplace.”

HealthJoy has a proven track record of driving impact across a client’s entire benefits package as well as the employee healthcare experience. “At HealthJoy, our mission is to guide members to affordable, high-quality healthcare — and do it in a way that’s simple, smart, and proven,” said Dave Mallen, Executive Vice President, Strategic Partnerships. “We’re excited to team up with C2 and its partner firms to deliver greater quality and value to all of their clients and members.” To learn more about the C2 and HealthJoy partnership, contact us at https://www.poweredbyc2.com/info-request-form/

About C2 Solutions

C2 Solutions is an alliance of member firms and preferred partners that work together to fundamentally change the face of employee benefits consulting. Through strategic collaboration with its clients, carriers, and technology partners, the organization creates innovative product and service offerings that deliver greater quality and value. For more information, visit https://www.poweredbyc2.com/

About HealthJoy

HealthJoy is a first-of-its-kind benefits experience platform helping companies save money on their healthcare while improving employee satisfaction. Through personalized guidance and AI technology, HealthJoy empowers employees to better use and understand their benefits. HealthJoy integrates with a client’s existing benefits package to deliver each employee a personalized, proactive experience. Employees gain access to on-demand medical consultations, live healthcare concierges, prescription savings, and much more. For more information, visit https://www.healthjoy.com.