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It’s the core of what we do. Working together to fundamentally change the face of employee benefits consulting. Member firms joined forces for this one sole purpose: strategic collaboration with our clients, carriers, and technology partners to create innovative product and service offerings that deliver greater quality and value.

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We represent a refreshing approach to the increasingly commoditized public firm strategy of consolidation nationally. While the majority of the marketplace is served by big box national firms with little ability to offer unique products and services, C2 member firms stay true to our independent roots, with global reach and local touch, in order to meet the increasing needs of our growing client base.

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C2 Solutions adds #1 Insurance Brokerage in Mid-Atlantic as New Member Firm

Conner Strong & Buckelew Joins National Leader in Driving Collaborative Solutions in Employee Benefits Consulting

 January 12, 2021 – Collaborative Centric Solutions (C2), a national leader in driving collaboration with insurance carriers, vendors and its members, announced today it has added Conner Strong & Buckelew as a C2 Member Firm. C2 is comprised of the nation’s top independent regional employee benefit firms, each bringing a unique blend of heritage, expertise, solutions, and talent. By bringing together firms like Conner Strong & Buckelew that present innovative client focused solutions, we are changing the face of employee benefits consulting by delivering greater quality and value to clients.

C2’s collective passion and creativity in providing solutions for clients offers a genuinely fresh approach to tackling some of the most daunting problems faced by businesses today. C2 member firms enjoy the autonomy of pursuing the strategies, technologies, and offerings that are at the core of their business and at which they excel the most. The breadth and diversity of our partnership allows members to tap in to C2’s rich network to leverage the best, complementary products and services across the broad spectrum of our capabilities.

“As our partnerships continue to grow we’re excited to welcome Conner Strong & Buckelew as our newest member. As an industry leader, Conner Strong pairs comprehensive solutions with innovative programs in order to serve their broad range of businesses and organizations,” said Kristen Boyd, Executive Director of C2 Solutions.

“The best part of becoming an equity partner of C2 is the ability to share ideas and thought leadership in a safe, constructive space,” said Joseph DiBella, managing director, head of employee benefits at Conner Strong & Buckelew. “It’s going to allow us to take our knowledge and innovation to another level and deliver even greater value to our clients.”

C2 partners with carriers, Pharmacy Benefit Managers, Health & Wellness vendors and technology partners. This strategic collaboration allows access to exclusive products and services for member firm clients, as well as being a trusted distribution channel for our carriers. C2’s member firm clients, their employees, and their families can be confident they have the right solutions and become empowered to achieve like never before.


About Collaboration Centric Solutions (C2) C2 is an equity-owned partnership powered by Holmes Murphy & Associates, M3 Insurance, McGohan Brabender, Scott Insurance and The Partners Group. Co.  is a national company formed by leading independent employee benefit consulting firms for strategic collaboration with carriers, vendors and members to create innovative product offerings while delivering greater quality and value to clients. For more information visit www.poweredbyc2.com or follow us on LinkedIn @C2Solutions


About Conner Strong & Buckelew Conner Strong & Buckelew is among America’s largest insurance, risk management and employee benefits brokerage and consulting firms. The firm is an industry leader in providing high-risk businesses with comprehensive solutions to prevent losses, manage claims, and drive bottom line growth. Its employee benefits practice focuses on providing best-in-class benefits administration, health and wellness programs and strategic advisory services. Founded in 1959 with offices in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Delaware, Florida, and Georgia, Conner Strong & Buckelew has a team of nearly 450 professionals, serving clients throughout the United States and abroad. For more information, visit www.connerstrong.com or follow us on LinkedIn (@ConnerStrong&Buckelew), Twitter (@connerstrong), Facebook (@connerstrongbuckelew) and Instagram (@connerstrongbuckelew).



C2 Solutions Partners with HealthJoy

Strategic partnership delivers a simple, smart, and proven way to streamline clients’ benefits experience

 12/22/20 — C2 Solutions today announces a partnership with HealthJoy to help clients maximize the value of their benefits package, reclaim their HR team’s time so they can focus on strategy over administrative tasks, and help their employees achieve better healthcare outcomes.  HealthJoy is a first-of-its-kind mobile app that provides employees a personalized benefits wallet with their health insurance plan, as well as HSA accounts, dental, and other benefits. The app also provides employees on-demand access to online medical consultations, live healthcare concierges, prescription savings, and more to help keep them happy and healthy while lowering their healthcare spending.

“Between rising healthcare costs and increasing industry complexity, 2020 has shown clients need a technology platform that can simplify the benefits experience and help employees make better healthcare decisions,” said Kristen Boyd, C2 Executive Director. “Our partnership with HealthJoy is a testament to where the industry is heading and we look forward to keeping our clients ahead of the marketplace.”

HealthJoy has a proven track record of driving impact across a client’s entire benefits package as well as the employee healthcare experience. “At HealthJoy, our mission is to guide members to affordable, high-quality healthcare — and do it in a way that’s simple, smart, and proven,” said Dave Mallen, Executive Vice President, Strategic Partnerships. “We’re excited to team up with C2 and its partner firms to deliver greater quality and value to all of their clients and members.” To learn more about the C2 and HealthJoy partnership, contact us at https://www.poweredbyc2.com/info-request-form/


About C2 Solutions

C2 Solutions is an alliance of member firms and preferred partners that work together to fundamentally change the face of employee benefits consulting. Through strategic collaboration with its clients, carriers, and technology partners, the organization creates innovative product and service offerings that deliver greater quality and value. For more information, visit https://www.poweredbyc2.com/

About HealthJoy

HealthJoy is a first-of-its-kind benefits experience platform helping companies save money on their healthcare while improving employee satisfaction. Through personalized guidance and AI technology, HealthJoy empowers employees to better use and understand their benefits. HealthJoy integrates with a client’s existing benefits package to deliver each employee a personalized, proactive experience. Employees gain access to on-demand medical consultations, live healthcare concierges, prescription savings, and much more. For more information, visit https://www.healthjoy.com.